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Formation and development

SONG TAN limited liability Company ( SONG TAN Ltd.Co) is a privately owned and operated company that was established in 2000. Business commenced under the Vietnamese Plan and Investment Department permit No 410200122 issued on May 31, 2000. In 2002, as the company expanded, the working area was divided into two separate workshops, one for weaving and other for dying. These workshops are located at Lots 18-19-20, Number 2 Street, Tan Tao Industrial Zone, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh city.

Throughout the manufacturing process, SONG TAN Corporation complies with the recommended guidelines for employee working conditions and environmental issues. SONG TAN considers the protection of the environment a primary requirement in our manufacturing. It is our belief that in doing so we not only improve the local environment but also contribute to improving the global environment.

Due to the rapid industrial growth within Vietnam, the textile industry has been forced to improve its standards and productivity in order to maintain pace with other countries. Since its conception, SONG TAN Company has contributed to the development of the weaving industry in Vietnam.


SONG TAN Co. specializes in the manufacturing of woven materials. The major areas of production involve the weaving, dyeing and printing of fabrics. With our wide range of machinery SONG TAN Co. is able to commence the manufacturing process with the raw yarn and continue with the dyeing, weaving & printing processes through to the completed product. Modern technology ensures that the finished product is consistently of high quality.

At SONG TAN Co. we pride ourselves on our ability to produce many different types of high quality material. While our strengths lie in the manufacture of fabrics for both indoor and outdoor use, we are proud to be able to produce any type of fabric requested. To date, our products include, but are not limited to:









According to customers’ needs, the fabric can be given additional qualities such as: Water proofing, resin, fire retardant, and UV protection.

Company Manufacturing Details

  • Charter capital: 22,950,000,000 VND
  • Workshop Area: 5.000 m2
  • Equipment:
    • Power-looms: 50
    • 1 printing machine made in Korea. Dress material is printed, dyed with active, dispersal colours, pigment, without active AZO, or formaldehyde which may harm workers’ and consumers’ health.
    • 1 Stenter
    • 9 dyeing chambers
    • …etc…

With about 130 workers, 15 engineers, management personnel, and the ever-improved machinery and equipment, the company can produce:







Customer Assistance

Songtan company wishes to inform the customers that: In order to prepare for the new season 2007-2008, we will supply a free swatch book 2007-2008 costing 50USD for old customers and new ones with a latent capacity. Have a successful season!

In order to assist our customers we will provide samples to suit your needs.

  • Sample under 1 m supplied free of charge
  • Sample greater than 1m will be charged at cost price only
  • For signed contracts of more than 10 billion VND all samples are free of charge.

Company goals for development

We continually seek new ways to improve both product quality and customers service. The ways that we strive to achieve this include:

  • Manufacturing multiform products to meet customer requests
  • Continuous quality assurance processes
  • Increasing productivity capabilities
  • Operating a continuous improvement policy that covers all areas of our operations.
  • Ensuring that our staff are well trained and cared for in the working environment. We have approximately 150 staff including 15 engineers and management personnel.
  • Improved working conditions
  • Establish a sound reputation for producing products of an exceptionally high quality.
  • Delivering on time.

The consumer markets:

The European, American, and Australian markets accept the majority of our products, and new markets are being continually investigated. Additionally, we provide materials for local manufacturing and export directly to overseas markets.






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